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New Pablo lyric video, "Empty Room"

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New Acoustic-Flavored Album From Pablo Is Both Enriching And Venomous  

    Los Angeles, November, 2020 - “I hope friends and fans will find this album enriching and entertaining, but my enemies - poisonous,” laughs composer and multi-instrumentalist Paul “Pablo” Thomas. His sprawling new collection of folk-inflected psychedelia, Illusion of Choice, will be released February 5th, 2021 on the Selfish Recordings label. The album is the culmination of a year-long creative frenzy, in which songs were pouring out at an exhilarating rate. Sadly, the sheer joy of writing and recording was interrupted by the death of Pablo’s mother, followed by friend and drummer for Pablo’s live band, Kerwin ’Blewfoot’ Staton. These emotional blows, devastating as they were, did not noticeably slow down the album’s progress, and perhaps added to the emotional content of new songs like “Empty Room.” 
    Acoustic and organic instruments were used whenever possible on the new album.  
    “It was quite a change,” says Pablo, “me being the type of person who had become comfortable using samples and drum loops for years.” 
    Reflecting on the common denominator in his eclectic recorded output over the last two decades, Pablo says, “It was always about the songs.”  
    Though he plays over 20 instruments on Illusion of Choice, he has never considered himself a flashy player.  
    “For Bobby Moon (Pablo’s longtime Spellbound bandmate and songwriting accomplice) and me, the instruments we played were always to serve the song. It was never about virtuosity or lightning-speed guitar solos!” 
    Despite the reserved attitude, critics, such as Latin music historian Eric Gonzalez, have praised Thomas’s instrumental prowess, calling him a ’musical genius.’ ( 
    Both Thomas and Moon introduce new instruments into the mix on this album, even going to the extent of making their own bongos out of coconut shells and carving flutes out of bamboo cuttings from the front yard! Pablo began teaching himself mandolin just a couple years back, and its appearance adds to the character of songs such as “Skinny Jeans” and “It’s Gone (The Heat).” You will also hear quite a bit of fiddle on the album, courtesy of Moon, who took violin lessons as a child, but dropped it when he hit his teens. Now, decades later, he’s rosined up the bow and added it to the songs, when appropriate. Besides Bobby Moon, guests on Illusion of Choice include longtime vocal associate, Candi Sosa, and British Folk singer Em Marshall. 
    Despite the disadvantages, Pablo enjoys the creative freedom independent artists are afforded (“I don’t have the restrictions on subject matter which corporate artists do”). 
    Paul ‘Pablo’ Thomas began piano lessons at age 6, took up guitar at 12, formed proto-goth band Life After Death while sill in high school, nearly getting signed to a major label. In the 1990s, Thomas and Life After Death co-founder/vocalist Bobby Moon formed Spellbound, their Latin-flavored funk/dance project. After launching their own label, Selfish Recordings, the duo has continued to release critically-acclaimed albums to this day. Pablo’s solo career began in 2003 with a self-titled instrumental album, and were it not for the slow, but ever-increasing buzz and interest over the next years, it would have ended there. By 2008, Pablo cheerfully re-appeared with a new album, Take Two. Over the next decade there were more albums, and a number of live performances. 
    “I never thought there would even be a second Pablo album, and wouldn’t have dreamed I could ever pull it off live, but damn! It works!” Pablo beams. 
    lllusion of Choice will be available on most major online music platforms February 5, 2021, on the Selfish Recordings label, with limited copies on CD. Visit or email: for more info.