Paul “Pablo” Thomas has devoted his life to music. Since beginning piano lessons at age 6, and guitar lessons at 12, he has gone on to become a respected and critically-acclaimed songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer in Los Angeles. He formed proto-goth band Life After Death while still in high school, nearly getting signed to a major label. In the 1990s, Thomas and Life After Death co-founder/vocalist Bobby Moon formed Spellbound, their Latin-flavored funk/dance project. After launching their own label, Selfish Recordings, the duo has continued to release critically-acclaimed albums to this day. Pablo’s solo career began in 2003 with a self-titled instrumental album. Virtually a one man show, Pablo was intended as a one-off psychedelic side project, to mark time while Spellbound hustled funds for their next album. Nonetheless, a number of websites, college radio stations, and alternative magazines picked up on it, with Trip Magazine (12/03) dubbing it “an amazing debut of psychedelic world music.”

Thomas and his musical partner Bobby Moon soon resumed business as usual with their band, and Pablo faded into the distance. However, as they got more involved with social networking, inquiries and requests poured in about the Pablo project, eventually leading to a second Pablo album, Take Two, in 2008. This time there were songs with vocals from Thomas, Bobby Moon, and Danielle DeCosmo. Within a year of its release, Skunk Magazine (Vol. 5 #1) had declared Take Two a “stoner classic.”

February 2011 marked the release of Fully Baked, Pablo’s third album which included a couple of cover songs for the first time, notably 'Got My Mojo Working' which, according to British music website (Mar. 2011) “manages to sound unlike any other cover that has gone before.” The album spent a month at the top of's Psy/Trance chart, and during Spellbound shows over the following year, audiences were treated to some of the new Pablo material.

Over the next few years, Pablo underwent some serious soul-searching and began channeling in the songs that would come to make up his 2016 album Extermination of the Hierarchy.

`“I had a spiritual awakening of sorts. It wasn’t pleasant. I had to reevaluate my belief system. Soon I was seeing Mainstream Media, The Government, the Entertainment Business, in a totally different light.”

The album marked a shift in themes, into darker subject matter, with Pablo handling over a dozen instruments, aided by brief appearances from Bobby Moon. Since then, Pablo has fully embraced his Indie status, garnering some new followers in the process, and leading KAMP’s Isabelle Tuli ( March 3, 2016) to declare him “the only reliable narrator.” With a schedule that increasingly involves speaking at City Council meetings, marching in environmental protests, and calling out government officials, Pablo has not slowed down on the music, producing Bobby Moon’s Private Message album in 2020, and an acoustic-oriented solo album, Illusion of Choice, arriving on February 5, 2021. Find Pablo online at, and