Pablo "Neutron City" [Available]

SRCD-26 (2023)

1) Black Cadillac

2) Geneva

3) Heart On My Sleeve

4) Old Man And The Geisha

5) Neutron City

6) Celebrity

7) Hammer Of Glory

8) Judy "O Centric

9) Lies And Confusion

10) Remote Viewing

All Songs Copyright 2023 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

All Songs Written and Arranged By Pablo and Bobby Moon 

Except Tracks 3, 6, 8 & 9 Written By Pablo

All Songs Produced and Mixed By Pablo and Bobby Moon

Recorded and Mixed at Tripsville Studio

Mastered by Tom Nunes at Atomic

Artwork and Graphics by Danica Bautista

Cover Concept by Bobby Moon

Pablo "Illusion Of Choice" [Available]

SRCD-24 (2021)

Illusion Of Choice

1) Guillotine Window (3:16)

2) Skinny Jeans (5:02)

3) Empty Room (4:47)

4) In Search Of (4:01)

5) The Purple Haired Hawaiian (4:43)

6) Ghost Of Bonnie Brae (4:05)

7) Someone's In Trouble (5:36)

8) Elle (5:03)

9) Chinese Curse (4:59)

10) Reptile Eyes (3:53)

11) It's Gone (The Heat) (4:59)

12) What If They Gave A Pandemic (And Nobody Came) (5:24)

13) Bars Of Freedom (5:03)


Produced by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas & Bobby Moon

All Songs Written by Thomas & Moon

Copyright 2021 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

Album Credits:

Pablo (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Lap Steel Guitar, Electric Sitar, Tanpurs, Mandolin, Bazouki, Ukelele, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Bass, Autoharp, Electronic Drums, Congas, Coconut Bongo, Darbuka, Finger Cymbal, Recorder, Wood Flute, Ocarina, Kartel Bell, Tambourine, Toy Xylophone, Handclaps and Vocals)

Bobby Moon (Keyboards, Organ, Bass, Fiddle, Electronic Drumas, Vibraslap, Shaker, Cabasa, Finger Cymbal, Cowbell, Washboard, Melodica, Harmonica, Bamboo Flute, Wood Flute, Handclaps and Vocals)

With: Em Marshall (Vocals Track 6 and 13)

Candi Sosa (Vocals Track 2)

Recorded at Tripsville Studio

Mastered by Tom Nunes at Atomic

In Memory of Jane Thomas and Blewfoot

Pablo "Working The Waystation" [Available]

SRCD-22 (2019)

1) Now (2:11)

2) Nu Amerika (4:21)

3) Coming On (5:17)

4) Torch (2:26)

5) Friends Like These (4:11)

6) Portrait Of A Lonely Man (4:17)

7) Psych City, U.S.A. (3:40)

8) Shook Up & Shot Down (3:54)

9) Black Butterfly (5:30)

10) Working The Way Station (4:48)

Bonus Track:

Friends Like These [Live] (3:29)

All Songs Written by Pablo

 Except Coming On, Black Butterfly & Working The Waystation Written by Pablo & Bobby Moon

All Songs Copyright 2019 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

Album Credits:

Pablo (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Keyboards, Electric Sitar, Congas, Electronic Percussion, Harmonica, Vocals & Coffee Table)

Bobby Moon (Vocals - Lead on "Black Butterfly," Synth, Violin, Hand Percussion, Melodica, Synth Bass & Bubbles)

Recorded & Mixed @ Tripsville Studio (Los Angeles)

Mastered by Channel Fuse (Memphis)  

Pablo "Extermination Of The Hierarchy" [Available]

SRCD-20 (2016)

1) Extermination Of The Hierarchy [Parts 1 & 2] (5:49)

2) Crazy Ideas (3:04)

 3) Hollywood Won't Be There (4:19)

4) Worldwide Smash (3:06)

5) GoGo Gomez (3:20)

6) Death Warmed Over (5:40)

7) Shark Biscuits (3:35)

8) Cloud Of Darkness (4:00)

9) Fall (2:34)

10) Finest Girl In The World (4:57)

11) Following Orders

12) Extermination Of The Hierarchy [Finale] (3:04)

Produced by Pablo

All Songs Written and Arranged by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas 

Except "Crazy Ideas" / "Hollywood Won't Be There" / "Worldwide Smash" /  "Fall" Written by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas and Bobby Moon

All Songs Copyright 2016 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

Album Credits:

Pablo (Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Electric Sitar, Bass, Bouzouki, Percussion, Recorder, Tanpura, Punji & Vocals)

Bobby Moon (Additional Vocals, Percussion, Piano, Keyboard, Melodica, Harmonica, Quena & Bouzouki)


Pablo "Escape Velocity" [Available]

SRCD-18 (2013)

1) Have Guitar, Might Travel (3:08)

2) Mary Do You Wanna Dance? (3:45)

3) Ahead Of Their Time (3:40)

4) Live To Drool (4:30)

5) Planet Queen (3:39)

6) Mid-Life Intermission / Good Things Are Happening (4:34)

7) Tao Is The Way To Go (3:52)

8) Who's Gonna Win The Grammeez This Year? (2:54)

9) Markley's Girls (3:15)

10) Slug Lovin' (2:35)

11) Kick Out The Jams (4:02)

12) Lola Daydream Suite (10:47)

13) Belly-Full-O-Blues (2:58)

Produced & Engineered by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas

Additional Production & Engineering by Bobby Moon

All Songs Written by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas 


 "Mary Do You Want To Dance" / "Ahead Of Their Time" / "Slug Lovin'" / "Good Things Are Happening" / "Belly Full O' Blues" Written by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas and Bobby Moon

Copyright 2013 Suyata Publishing (BMI)

"Planet Queen" Written by Marc Bolan Copyright 1971 Lupus Music Inc. (BMI)

"Kick Out The Jams" Written by MC5 (Rob Tyner, Wayne Kramer, Fred 'Sonic' Smith, Michael Davis & Dennis Thompason) Copyright 1969 Continuum International Publishing Group (BMI)/(ASCAP)

All Songs Recorded & Mixed @ Tripsville Studio

Album Credits:

Pablo (Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bouzouki, Organ, Piano, Keyboards of Various Shaped & Sizes, Secret Indian Instruments That Are Really Hard To Acquire & Even Harder To Keep In Tune, Nasally & Asthmatic Vocals & Various Stuff That Seemed Good At The Time)

Bobby Moon (Vocals Here, Keyboards There, Melodica, Harmonica, Hand Percussion & Metal Objects That He Banged On)

Cover Art by Bobby Moon

Pablo "Fully Baked" [Available]

SRCD-15 (2011)

1) See-Saw Serenade (Thomas)

*2) Psychotic Reaction (Count Five Copyright 1966 Drive-In-Music Co., Inc./BMI)

3) Big Money, Big Media (Thomas)

4) Live To Trip [Another Day] (Thomas & Moon)

5) Morning Miss Bliss (Thomas)

*6) Got My Mojo Working (Preston Foster Copyright 1956 Dare Music Inc./BMI)

7) Homegrown Gnome (Thomas & Moon)

8) Breaking Out (Thomas)

*9) Bird Song (Hunter & Garcia Copyright 1972/2004 Ice Nine Pub./Jerry Garcia Estate)

10) Codi Can't Chill (Thomas)

11) Dumbing Down (Thomas & Moon)

12) Fuzzy (Thomas & Moon)

13) Womb Of The Mother Goddess (Thomas)

*14) Different When It Comes To You (Bruce Cockburn Copyright 2006 Golden Mountain Music Corp./SOCAN)

15) Maybe It's You (Thomas & Moon)

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas

Assistant Engineer: Bobby Moon

All Songs Copyright 2011 Sunyata Publishing (BMI) Unless Noted*

Album Credits:

Paul 'Pablo' Thomas (Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Lap Steel Guitar, Electric Sitar, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Percussion, Tanpura, Meinl Helix Bowl and Vocals)

Bobby Moon (Additional Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion, Meinl Helix Bowl, Harmonica and Fingersnaps)

Recorded & Mixed at Tripsville Studio (Los Angeles, CA.)

Mastering by Bryan Marye (Burbank, CA.)

Cover Art by Luzie 'Lulu' Neudeck

Telephone Voice: Codi

TV Sound Clip Copyright 1979-1982 ELP Communications/Sony Pictures

Pablo "Take Two" [Available]

SRCD-12 (2008)

1) Soto Street Taxi (2:48)

2) Attack Of The Mushroom People (1:49)

3) Alien Interlude (1:19)

4) The Formula (3:26)

5) Welcome To San Pedro (2:54)

*6) The Drum (3:38)

7) Lena Lao-Vyu (Long Taim) (2:38)

8) El Cuervo (3:19)

9) Nepotism & Payola Blues (4:16)

10) If You Would (3:51)

11) Stream Entry (6:54)

12) Lost In Surf (2:14)

13) Love In The Time Of Eleveneight (0:50)

14) Welcome To San Pedro Reprise (2:16)

15) Given Up On You (1:33)

16) Salvia Finalia (2:44)

Produced & Mixed by Pablo (with Bobby Moon)

Except Tracks 1, 3, 7, 9 & 14 Mixed by Bryan Marye

All Songs Written by Pablo

Copyright 2008 Sunyata Publishing (BMI)

Except "The Drum" Written by Peter Blegvad & Anthony Moore Copyright 1973 Blackhill Music

"If You Would"  Written by Paul 'Pablo' Thomas & Bobby Moon

Album Credits:

Pablo: All Instruments

Bobby Moon: Additional Instruments & Vocals Lead Vocal on "If You Would"

Danielle DeCosmo: Lead Vocal "The Drum"

Bryan Marye: Drums "Given Up On You"

Sound Clips Used (In Order Of Appearance):

"Mantango" Copyright 1963 Toho Co, Ltd.

"Johnny Quest" Copyright Hanna - Barbera

"The Twilight Zone" Copyright 2004 & 2006 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

"Lifeguard" Copyright 1975 Paramount Pictures Corporation

Cover Art by Bobby Moon

Pablo "Pablo" [Available]

SRCD-7 (2003)

1) Opening (1:59)

2) Carnavalismo (2:51)

3) Poppin' The P's (4:02)

4) Surveillance Nation (4:35)

5) Louisiana Bird (2:56)

6) Rupaka Dream (410)

7) In The Sunshine (5:42)

8) The Realm (3:57)

9) Closing (1:04)

All Songs Written, Arranged and Produced by Pablo

Co-Production: Bobby Moon

All Instruments, Pablo except: Robert Anthony Gil, Jr. (Tenor Sax on Poppin' The P's) 

Bobby Moon (Percussion, Whistles and Kazoo on Surveillance Nation & Louisiana Bird)

Engineered by Jose Pepe Andrade 

Recorded & Mixed at Lujo Productions, North Hollywood, CA.

Sound Clip from "Logan's Run" Copyright 1976 Turner Entertainment (A Time Warner Co.)

Sound Clip from "Blue Crush" Copyright 2002 Universal Studios

All Rights Reserved